Hunter Testimonials

"Rob, Angela, Chest-hair, Louise and kids -

Thanks for the wonderful holiday.  We could not have felt more welcome and feel like we had extended our family.  We will take so many fabulous memories back home and look forward to returning soon.  I promise to bring my bathing suit for the next visit."

R., A., & B. F.
November 2014

 "Rob, Angela, Chester & Louise,

Thank you for a priceless experience for a father and son.  This was Logan and my first away from home hunt together.  We will both treasure the memories of this weekend for a lifetime! You have a very beautiful lodge and property. We will definitely be back. Merry Christmas! God bless you!"

S. & L.
December 2014

"Thank you guys so much for the experience and everything you provided us with.  I had so much fun hanging with y'all and Emma.  Everything was amazing and fun!! I can't thank you guys enough and I'm really looking forward to coming back for another trip!  Thank you so much."

B. D.

 "Angela, Chester & Louise,

Thank you so much for the hunting and hospitality.  We enjoyed our time in the field and time with your family.  You went over and above with your preparation, effort and hospitality.  I had a great time with Bredan and look forward to returning for another adventure.  Thank you again.  We couldn't have asked for a better, more enjoyable experience."

J. D.


Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime hunt with my dad! I very much appreciate the effort you gave to making sure we had a good hunt and stay.  The food was amazing, and so was getting to see all the animals.  They will not only make good meat but good memories as well.  Also thank you for the lend of clothes and opportunities.  I much enjoyed it and look forward to coming back."

K. M.


Thank you very much for the hospitality and extra effort you showed my daughter and I during our stay.  You went beyond our expectations as you showed how much you enjoy hunting and making sure everyone is comfortable and happy.  You treated us like family as soon as we arrived.  You have a great ranch, animals and atmosphere.  We enjoyed it.  We will see you again as we plan to return as soon as possible."

A. M.

"Rob, I can't thank you enough for our 2nd trip out to your ranch!  The hospitality that you show makes the trip outstanding!  Even more importantly, the friendship built through another great weekend.  We talk about our weekend trips to your ranch allow us to build stories to tell the rest of the year!  I will remember the time spent with my dad out here for the rest of my life.  Shooting my dad's family rifle this trip was one of the many highlights!  Thanks again for having us and also for hanging out with us!  I will look forward to next year and can't wait for it!"

J. P. B.
January 2015

"Awesome time Rob and Chester! For the 2nd year in a row, you guys made my year.  Last year and now this year. Also thanks for not giving up on my black buck despite my crumby shooting.  This is something I look forward to every year.  Hope to be able to come for many years to come.  Thanks so much."

M. L.
January 2015


"I can't say thank you enough to the Port Sullivan Ranch Family! What a great place to hunt! As Rob says, you will leave as friends!  Bullets & Broadheads TV Crew has one of the best hunts of the season at the Port Sullivan.  Rob & Chester made the hunt such a pleasant experience.  The lodging and food was exceptional! I gained several pounds while I was here.  Be sure to catch Bullets & Broadheads Port Sullivan Hunt Sundays at 7pm in 2015 on The Sportsman Channel.

Thanks a million,
Michael Hendrick
Bullets & Broadheads 2014


"Thank you Port Sullivan Ranch!  We had a great hunt and made a lot of great memories and new friends.  Thank you for the opportunity to hunt such amazing animals at such a beautiful place.  I would strongly recommend this place to my family and friends and look forward to coming back next year.  Thanks again!"

-M. B., Fort Worth, TX

"Dear Dr. Lasell,

Thanks again for having us out to your place for a great hunting experience.  My son has spoken of it many times to friends and family.  he even commented that it was "the most exciting hunt of his life."  Since our hunt, he has continued to enjoy outdoor adventures, such as shooting three does in two days.  The furthest, a 214 yard heart shot, he's still bragging about.  I believe a comfortable rest and familiar companions always make an easy target, regardless of the game or caliber.  Thanks again!"

-D. P., March 2011

"Rob, I just wanted to say thanks to you and Angela for a great time. We all had a great time. Enjoyed spending time with your sweet family.  Will try to make this an annual deal.  I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving and we wish y'all a Merry Christmas.  May God Bless!"

-J. W. R.

Thanks for the hospitality!

-J. C. Dallas, TX

Had a great time! Thanks!

-G.M. Arlington, TX


-J.B. Arlington, TX

Thank you!!

-J. C. Burleson, TX

Service with a smile/great time! Thanks!

-C.R. Grand Prairie, TX

Awesome hunt!  Great service; this place is sexy!

-S.M. Arlington, TX

Had the time of my life!  Thanks friends!


Had a great time! Looking forward to it again!

-R. E.

First two black buck ever!  Great hunt!

-G.G., College Station, TX

First axis and blackbuck - really enjoyed the hunt! Great ranch, great guide, great experience!

-S.G. College Station, TX


 "Rob & Angela,

This was my first experience to hunt for exotic game.  It will be extremely hard to beat.  The animals you have here are excellent quality and a fun hunt over all. With that said, the best part of the weekend was meeting the two of you and everyone there.  The hospitality and fellowship was as awesome as the hunt.  I can't wait to bring my wife down for a weekend.  You can use me as a reference anytime."

-R.B., Frost, TX

"Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality and great hunting experience.  I had a great time and look forward to coming back again."

-T.G., Mansfield, TX

"This experience has been amazing; this was my first time ever hunting exotics, and I would strongly recommend people to experience it, and I would definitely let them know this is the place to experience it.  Port Sullivan Ranch has everything you can ask for and a whole lot more - they have great land and views to see, an amazing quality of animals, and most of all the best family to spend this experience with.  They don't just make the hunt an amazing experience, they make every single second an amazing and wonderful trip.  Everyone here is amazing and are my friends; that makes you feel like family.  I want to thank all of y'all for this life changing experience.  I will never forget this trip of a life time."

-J.B.,Bryan, TX